About BentoComics

BentoComics is an international assortment of commikers serving up a bentobox of stories annually since 2008.

BentoComics table at NYCC.

Initially we were the In The Attic 6 – a group of 6, soon 7, comic book artists from Australia, Canada and the US. We created the first version of Bento Comics.com as a way to publish our short stories using print-on-demand technology, but have now expanded into e-books and e-distribution.

We publish a number of books in a variety of genres and formats – sometimes collectively, but also as individual writer-artists. This includes comics, themed comics anthologies, and comics-prose.

As often as possible we get together to create an anthology for distribution during the upcoming con season. The theme this year is Legends.

BentoComics table at TCAF 2012.


Recent BentoComics Anthologies



Holmes: The Bento Cases

1) “Sister Holmes: The Nun in the Bar” by Queenie Chan
2) “The Blameless Bystander” by Fehed Said and Faye Yong
3) “A Bohemian Perspective” by Lanny Liu
4) “Tesla, Inc.” by Dee DuPuy
5) “Sherlock Holmes: Spontaneous Human Deduction” by George Alexopoulos
6) “The Unsettling Case of Ms Sutem” by Tacto
7) “7%” by Myung Hee Kim
8) “The Adventure of ‘Sherman’ Holmes” by Dan Hess
9) “The Kamikaze Couple” by Dennis Lo
10) “Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Missing Left Sock” by Leisl Adams
11) “The Amazing Case of Countess Maria Potemkina” by Svetlana Chmakova
12) “Clueless” by Tacto

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Peter Pan and the Language of the Dead

1) “An Awfully Big Adventure” by Fehed Said and Svetlana Chmakova
2) “Puella Aeterna” – by Tacto
3) “Mother’s Little Secret” by Myung Hee Kim
4) “Fractured Neverland: We are the Pickwicks” by Queenie Chan
5) “Poor Lost Boy” by Lanny Liu
6) “The Kamikaze Couple 2: Peter Pan Syndrome” by Dennis Lo
7) “Mouse” by Dan Hess
8) “Barrie’s Bargain” by Dee DuPuy

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Poison Candy

1) “Masks” by Svetlana Chmakova
2) “Elevator” by Queenie Chan
3) “Treat…or Trick?” by Dee DuPuy
4) “Energy Square” by Leisl Adams
5) “Dr. Huhnerkopf’s Sister Laboratory” by Dan Hess
6) “The Wayside” by Myung Hee Kim
7) “Sweet Dreams” by Lanny Liu
8) “Pumpkin Halloween” by Tacto

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